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Default Letter was LOST he thought I didn't write him for 3 days! ahhhh

My honey and I write each other every single day, we mail the letters 3-4 times a week. We write no less than 8-10 pages, typed, single spaced, margins as big as we can get them, and double sided. So we say A LOT in our letters. Well, I get a letter yesterday, he wants to know it is wrong and why I Didnt write him for 3 days, I'm like WHAT! until I figure out he didnt get a 18 page letter from me! (my son was in Mexico that week so I had extra time) So he asks me in a nice way if I "WENT OUT" that weekend and thats why I didnt write. ahhhh I hate that! in 2 years this is only the 3rd time its happened, I dont know if the letter was lost or if it just got held up in the mail room. I already told him I am not going out anymore (I went out ONCE like a year ago I know we have had our fair share of bumps, but I hate when this happens.

NO matter how much I love him and re-assure him he is still a little afraid that I wont be able to wait until he comes home. It's been a year since we have seen each other or heard each others voices (He's in TX, no calls) but I will be going to see him the end of March.

Does this ever happen to you ladies? I sent out a duplicate copy of that letter today jsut in case so I know he's going to be like "I should have known my baby girl would come through!)
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