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Don't know if any of you are still active in Prison Talk but what you said about confidentiality is still true. I was warned by my civilian attorney that anyhting I said in any counseling session could be used against me. AS to recitivisim rates, other than the fact that most military prisoners are better educated and more socially mature, it probably has more to do with the fact that many of us we either charged with "crimes" unique to the military or crimes that would never have been charged in the civilian sector. In the military the ONLY confidentiality you have is with a priest and then only when taking the sacrament of confession.

As to the counseling services I had minimal involvement there. I had my interview with the Brig Psychologist and after reviewing my intake surveys and discussing my case he came to the conclusion that there was no need for counseling. I did do a victim impact class and it was a joke. It was obviously developed for prisoners with a significantly lower educational level than the average soldier/airman/marine/sailor and we all just went through the motions (including the instructor) to punch that ticket.

Where they miss the mark is in providing training in skills that can allow us to earn a living once we get out becuase some of us will be all but unemployable regardless of our business qualifications (not too many places willing to hire registered sex offenders). Focus should be on Web Design, computer graphics design, etc...all could be sole proprietor businesses the ex-con could form, run and succeed at without regard to his past.
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