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I would give a big Amen to the statement that there is no confidentiality in the military prison system. My exposure to the non-military side is limited, but as I understand it, there is little confidentiality there, either.
I remember going through the psychological assessment process (for want of a better name) at Leavenworth. I sat down for my interview with a young NCO, and the first thing he said to me was "if you admit to anything we don't know, I have to report it." I asked what they did with that information, and he said he didn't know. I have pretty extensive education in psychology, to include testing, and I know when I am being bs'ed. Needless to say, I didn't feel like opening up...
As to the military system's ability to rehabilitate, in general, the report says people released from military incarceration have a lower recidivism rate than the general prison population. Gee...Could this be because the miltitary prison system has a largely educated and disciplined population that is around 95% (or higher) first time offenders?
For those of you that haven't done so already, check out the Cox Report. This came out a couple of years ago and recommended sweeping changes in the UCMJ. It was completely ignored by congress. I imagine you can still find it on
Finally, I continue to be majorly impressed by prisontalk. This is one outstanding site.
Don't lose faith, don't lose hope, and keep those prayers coming.
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