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Originally Posted by Mac7179 View Post
In two weeks or so we can finally have a visit that is not just 15 minutes long and talking on the phone through class. Our 8 year old son is really looking forward to it. Our 16 year old daughter is refusing to go. Dealing with her has been the most difficult thing out of this whole ordeal. I know kids at school give her a hard time about it, and she is at that over dramatic stage in her life where she thinks her life is over because kids make fun of her. Also, I could start a whole new post on how much she has been acting out. She has the whole "my mom was selling drugs so why do I have to follow any rules" mindset. It is exhausting.

Hang in there Mac, visitation can be very tough on kids and teens. I'm sure you will get some good advice here. I'm glad your 8 year old is up for it. I know it will mean a lot to your wife.
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