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Default from one mom to another

[quote=SCMom;2227086]I can't vote on the poll as my son is in the SHU from Camp. There is a possibility that even though he threw no punches or fought back, that he could be sent to a Low. Can anyone tell me the closest Low there is to S.C.? I can't seem to find anything except Butner, NC. Please help anyone. They told me it could take 3o days for an investigation on his case.
Thanks for anyone that can help!
"from a desperate mom" I'm a worry-wart and dont make any bones about it. Also, he only has 8 months let until HWH, which I assume that could be gone too, so he may be looking at 10 more months now.
Anybody have suggestions

My heart aches for you, as too have a son who soon will be sentenced. This has been terrible. What have you heard about Butner Low? thank you so much.
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