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Marseille is correct. There is no body bag money; that's a myth, though you hear it a lot inside.
The handling of prisoner money in Canadian prisons is ridiculously complicated. A few points:
- You don't HAVE to have money; many prisoners have only what you 'earn' as a prisoner - which is very, very little. However without money you can't buy stamps, treats, phone time, or anything else; you will get only what the prison gives in the way of good and other things.
- If you do have your own money, they do keep a minimum of $80 that you can't spend, for emergencies or your release. Many guys get out with so little money that it's very hard to live.
- You 'earn' money inside if you go to school or have a job at the rate of about $6/per day but about 40% of this is taken back for phone, 'room and board', etc. So you net about $3-4 per day, which you can use for canteen, phone, or purchasing various things. The money you earn doesn't go far...

- Prisoners have two accounts - savings and current. There are lots of rules about what money goes where and how you move money around - as I said, it's ridiculously complicated and causes lots of problems for prisoners. I'm happy to explain further if anyone wants.
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