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Originally Posted by Nomnomnom View Post
Maybe I am unlucky, but corrlinks "customer service" haven't been helpful at all. They stiłl want my phone bill, which is non-existent. I pay my phone bills through the phone. No physical bills whatever.

I haven't talked with my LO om the phone since June.

And I can't make them accept my foreign number.
Ugh, nomnomnom. I'm so sorry to hear this.

I would try calling them one more time, but this next time, the magic words are "I'd like to be escalated" - before you tell them what your problem is. They'll try to stonewall you, just keep repeating that "I'd like to be escalated".

Escalation is when the front-line phone people have to get a supervisor to talk to you. If that supervisor can't resolve your problem, tell that person "I'd like to be escalated" again. Usually you can 'escalate' twice before you run out of people to talk to, but getting past that first person you reach is the critical step.

Whoever you're escalated to, if you feel they are trying to brush you off, the next magic words are "I guess I'll need to contact Oregon DOC to see how they'd like me to handle this problem, since it sounds to me like breach of contract."

And if they don't fix it, then contact DOC. I'd go with the email approach first, as emails can be forwarded to the appropriate person. If I didn't hear back within a week, then I'd try the phone number to get the phone number of the right department to talk with. DOC isn't going to be happy to hear that international phone numbers are being denied, since that will put CorrLinks in breach of contract.
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