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Default Has anyone heard from their LO in Loretto

I received a short email early Monday morning from my son saying that they only had one computer working but he'd "hopefully" email later.
That was 2 days ago and he emails several times a day.
His dad had not heard from him either.

I would expect that if the computers are broken, and they can't get on email, that he would call, but nothing.

I tried to call the prison today to be sure he wasn't in the SHU, or sick, or whatever, but no answer, which is not a surprise.

Has anyone heard from their LO in Loretto in the last couple of days? (email or phone calls).

Wondering if it's his unit or the entire place affected if it is the computers.
Hard not to be catastrophic in my thinking as more time goes by, unfortunately.
Thanks in advance!
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