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Corrlinks is a messaging service, I'm confused why you need to send them a phone bill. My guess on the fee to Corrlinks is currency exchange fees. I have a phone bill from my carrier. Grouping the US based on what a private company decides to do is a bit broad, but hey, all good.
CorrLinks, aka CenturyLink is also the phone service provider.

Nomnomnom, I didn't have to provide a bill when I registered my phone number. It may be that if you have an overseas phone number, their system isn't designed to call non-domestic phone numbers (like it can't handle having to add in the country code at the beginning of the phone number) which is really bad programming on their part if that's the case.

For emails, I can add $15 (and no more) at a time, with a $3 service charge. I agree, that's insane. I haven't tried adding money to the phone account, as I use Telmate to send money directly to my loved ones and let them move however much money they need to their phone accounts (for free). It means that they can call people other than me, so I do understand that some people wouldn't want to just give the money directly to their loved one to do with as they pleased.

Emails through corrlinks cost me 25 cents AND cost them 25 cents (no "sharing credits" like AccessCorrections used to allow). Which seems rather expensive. I've told my 'guys' that I'll be sending snail mail - it's almost as fast, and it costs about the same, and the only 'character limit' is the number of words I can fit on 10 double-sided pieces of paper (20 pages of 8-point font is a lot more than 15,000 characters).

I'm not overly enthusiastic about this new system. Two of my guys say that they have difficulty moving money onto their phone account because people are hoarding tablets, and that's the only means available for them to move money now.

Maybe I'd feel differently if the guys could have their own tablets, but... nope.
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