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Originally Posted by Nomnomnom View Post
Well. Most of the people in the world doesn't live in the US. We have to pay $3, but they atleast allow me to put $25 dollars nowdays + that fee of $3 now. Telmate didnt take anything. I could put $100 to my phone account without a fee, also I could put another $100 without a fee to my LO's phone account.

Also, in the "new" digital world we don't use cash or have physical phonebills to send to the dumb idiots at corrlinks. My nonexisting physical phonebill makes it impossible to register my phone# at the facitility.

I am just amazed how US can be such a backassward country in 2020. Physical phone bills does not exist in the rest of the modern world.
Corrlinks is a messaging service, I'm confused why you need to send them a phone bill. My guess on the fee to Corrlinks is currency exchange fees. I have a phone bill from my carrier. Grouping the US based on what a private company decides to do is a bit broad, but hey, all good.
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