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Originally Posted by tdj View Post
My vent was just the opposite. When I saw that he managed to get new eyeglasses, boy was I pissed!! I worked my tail off and didn't do anything wrong, yet I had to make do with scratched up, weak prescription lenses due to costs, yet he got a new pair? I felt like the system is seriously screwed up when a man who broke the law gets taken care of, a woman (me) has to fend for herself.
Then again, he also didn't have some of the ailments I read on here.

I do have a horror story; I knew a young woman who had a tubal pregnancy but didn't realize it until after she went to jail. About a week in, she had severe pains and was screaming. After several hours I they took her out, but made her spend all night in the drunk tank in pain. Her tubal pregnancy could clearly be seen, bulging thru the skin. It was about the size of a golf ball.
I was able to get him his reading glasses when he was in county jail before they transferred him to federal. they kept transferring him to different county jails before the final transfer to federal. i would never know how long he would be in anyplace. he could not order food or clothing because he didn't know if he would be transferred before it was delivered.

it sucks when you a law abiding citizen cannot get what you need.

the tubal pregnancy sounds awful.
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