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Originally Posted by xolady View Post
I know most people don't have a clue when it comes to prison "health care". I lived the nightmare for over two years only to find out that basically the prison health care provider killed my husband, treating him for a totally curable cancer was not cost effective. Until 2 months before he got out we weren't even told he had cancer which the prison and hospital knew a year before yet didn't treat him for cancer. I can't even tell you the horror and outrage I feel towards the f-ing prison & everyone who worked in medical at the prison my husband was in. Actually my outrage is towards all the prison workers. All it would have taken was one person to be honest and I would have had him out of there when he could have a a chance of surviving. But no we only found out by outside hospital staff by mistake. I have read up on all the deaths due to medical neglect in prisons in Florida, plus all the murders by guards. Its sickening!! I hope and pray that there is a judgement day for each and everyone who works in a prison.
I am so so sorry that has happened to you and your family. I am sick just reading this. I lasted as a MD in the prison system for a year. i thought I could make real changes, but no way-- as the MD, I was the lowest on the totem pole. Can I ask if you filed a neglect lawsuit?
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