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My LO has a severe heart condition and had a couple of heart attack before being incarcerated. In the federal prison he's in now, they "lost" his previous medical reports, he lost consciousness so was send to hospital and returned to unit. It's been almost 3 weeks, no diagnose done yet, the "doctors" he saw are unable to agree on a condition, the one from the prison told him this week to have a "normal life" (!!) and reduced his meds by 50% without explanation. He is not getting a complete and accurate information on which meds to take or not. He was told his artery is 80% blocked, but not sure which one (!) and it was nothing major for now (!).
What are the options? Can he / I or his lawyer have access to his medical records from jail? Can we get another opinion? He's stressing out and feels either over medicated or/and left to die. I feel completely helpless and useless and very frustrated.
Can we even be sure these "doctors" are real ones? This is a life threatening medical conditions, no one seems to care. Can we/I make them change their mind? Can anything be done?
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