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Default What does "held without bond" mean?

My son's attacker has had an update to his case that is a bit perplexing. The rape charge and assault and battery charge were given bonds of $25,000 each. However, the previous convictions that he was on parole for have been changed from being $2,000 each in bond, to saying, "held without bond". Does this mean he could still bond out if he gets the funds on the new charges? And perhaps no bond is necessary anymore in order to get out on the other charges?

My son was very frightened the other day because he had a nightmare that this guy got out and was attacking and killing all of his family members. Me, his dad, sisters, and some friends. He is convinced that whenever he has a nightmare, that something bad always happens soon after. So that's what prompted me to look up this guys case. My heart damn near stopped when I saw that it looked like he could get out.
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