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1. Drink lots of water....lots.

2. Wrap your head up at night when sleeping with a bath towel or a thermal top. You want to keep what body heat you can about your head to avoid temperature extremes at night in cells or dorms that are too cold.

3. Save the orange pees off the oranges that you can find. Soak them in hot water and drink it.

4. Keep your feet covered as much as possible. Avoid going bare footed when possible.

5. Try to find raw, uncooked peppers like Jalapenos, Serrano or Chili Pi tines that are grown the gardens and to be found in the kitchen. Eat them....for better or worse.....more vitamin c than orange by a long shot.

6. Sip hot water....even if it's out of a hot pot to soothe the throat.

7. Always look for aspirin first to fight the pain if possible....aspirin has a fever reducer in it that many others don't have.

8. Wash your hands as much as possible. You got sick because of something you touched chances are.
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