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Default Pakistan - New Death Sentences

PAKISTAN (March 17):

4 linked to suicide bomber get death sentence

4 persons convicted by a court of involvement in bomb attack on Kabul's tourist-friendly Chicken Street in October last year have been sentenced to death.

The special court for internal and external security announced that Haidar, resident of Tajikistan, Abdul Ahad, resident of Tagab district, Mutawakil and Aziz Ahmad, residents of Tagab District of Kapisa Province have been given the death sentence for their involvement in the suicide bomb attack which was carried out by Mohammad Akbar. Three persons including an American translator and a soldier from the International Security Assistance Force had died on October 23. The 3rd was a 13-year Afghan child selling books to tourists on the street.

The sentence handed down by the special court may be appealed by the accused. According to a court official the attack was headed by Haidar. The official said that for the suicide attack a man named Khalid had been chosen initially. When he refused, the job was passed onto Mohammed Akbar.

Attaullah, a resident of Tunis, also came to Afghanistan with Haidar but there was still no information about him. Some months ago Abdul Ahad, the son of a high court judge, Naqibullah was also suspected in the blast but the court declared his innocence on Wednesday.

(source: SANA:
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