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Originally Posted by TheAmazingMrsB View Post
I agree. These kids had no choice in the matter and do deserve protection. They are completely innocent. It's the adults who make the choice to circumvent the immigration system I have a problem with.
This is one of the most common situation where I live.

We see it as punishing the adults, but it's a bigger issue than that. The families I know are hoping to place their teenagers with others so they can finish school. The children under 12 are most often going with the parents. These are working, middle-class families. They're losing their jobs so there is no money to send back to the families caring for their older kids, they have to focus on resettling in a country they may not have been inside of for 15-20 years. The younger children need to be enrolled in school but most often, they're ahead of their grade level (between US and Mexican public schools) so they're displaced in that area, as well.

Unless your native roots are incredibly deep, we're all immigrants here. My family showed up because my great, great grandfather was accused of being a horse thief in Ireland and it was flee or be strung up. I think Trump would call him a "bad hombre". Irish were not popular immigrants, either. My grandfather would have been a Dreamer. He was a shy, freckled, skinny kid who played basketball and joined the Navy after high school. He married my Ozark-born grandmother and they had a good life.

The kids I reference above are my grandpa. Would he have thrived having his dad ripped from his life because he was undocumented? I don't know. I'm extremely grateful I don't know. I am pro-pathway to citizenship.
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