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Originally Posted by JustBeingMe67 View Post
Your thoughts are in alignment with a classic victim of DV and getting into trauma counseling is VERY important for you and for any future relationships. IMO you should NOT be starting a new relationship with the mindset you currently have. It is NEVER, I repeat NEVER okay to hit someone you claim to love and care about.

It's best if you DO kill this relationship because 9 times out of 10, you will end up abused again. Get into counseling and make starting a relationship your LAST priority. Until you love yourself, nobody else will either.

The person I'm with now is incarcerated (I knew him before incarceration and was with him prior too). I'm not even sure if you'd say we are "together" right now. I'm not much about putting labels on it. He isn't pushing me to either. All in all, he has just been a source of support for me to cry to, scream at, so on and so on. I love him, but given the fact I can't even love myself, I'm not about to get into something I can't navigate right now. So that being said, he is someone I love without any type of label. He is a loved one and yes it is a relationship, of some type.

I was in trauma counseling right after all of this happened and thought I had been making progress...thought being the operative word there. I was doing OK until I found out he was bailing out and then it was like the entire world came crashing down. The apprehension and fear I feel are affecting my ability to sleep, eat and even work. They're interfering with my ability to live. It has to stop.
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