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Default Is hitting an intimate partner ever OK?

I was in a DV situation in the not-too-distant past. My "LO" (and I struggle to call him a LO) at the time told me he felt there were times when it was OK to hit or otherwise abuse a partner. The examples he gave were when the person cheated, talked to an ex (no sex involved) or when some other perceived egregious injustice had been perpetrated upon the abuser (which could be something as simple as breathing too loud or some other ridiculous thing). In my case, it was when I was in contact with an ex-boyfriend trying to get some perspective and remembrance of the person I was before my abuser totally railroaded my life. When he found out, he began hitting me in the face while I was driving. Two days later, he attacked me with a knife and held me at knife-point while I just waited for him to stab me. He broke my nose, left me with a bruise from my shoulder to my elbow and with mental scars that last to this day.

I am getting ready to go back into trauma therapy because I have found I am in no way, shape or form over what happened so long ago. I am almost apathetic to people and life situations. It's a shutdown coping mechanism. I still struggle with what my abuser said to me about me deserving the abuse because I "cheated" on him, not to mention all the other things he said about me being fat but pretty, useless, stupid, etc. You know, all the things they normally say.

It's to the point where it's affecting my ability to even love my current LO the way I should and the way we both deserve now. I'm trying to mitigate the damage and stop myself from killing this relationship before it even really gets a chance beyond prison walls.

Sometimes I just wonder, did I ever really deserve the abuse? I know what the obvious answer is, but I just wonder if he was right? Are there ever situations where being beaten and mentally abused are acceptable?
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