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Default Concern over having my son working for free at Cheyyene Center!

I'm concerned at reports that Joshua(my son, who I call Cubby) has given me regarding the kitchen. He claims that orientees are being exploited by being forced to fill the role of paid employees in the kitchen. They are being told that clients are the labor force in the kitchen, and they are often only under the supervision of one person(probably underpaid). Also, because the other TDCJ clients know there are no staff, there is constant thievery and shenanigans going on. In fact, the kitchen pantry was broken into, and the dining room window smashed. The window happened a while back he said, but the breakin was recent. He said he has no idea how this kind of center works, but the story he told me makes me worried about Cubby being exploited. Is this true? And can they use clients instead of paying to staff the kitchen?
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