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Wow dlj ~ great info! My son is currently at Cheyenne Center.

The only thing I'd like to add is that when I dropped off personal items when he arrived I put closed packs of cigarettes and two rolls of quarters in a zip lock baggie and he was permitted to have them. Also, they are permitted to have an alarm clock but not a radio alarm. The policy is no type of radio's until they are no longer an orientee (approx ten days.)

Concerning day passes ~ After orientation they submit weekly paperwork with requests for passes and reasons for passes must be stated, ie, job search, medical, etc.. When I have taken my son to the doctor (last CC go round) we brought a slip from doctor back. Any and all prescriptions must be given to the personnel at the front desk. The meds will be dispensed by the CC personnel. CC is on a bus line and almost right outside the front door. For those who do not have other means of transportation this is what they have available.

After passing orientatee status you bump up one level in structure and qualify for an eight hour home visit pass. However, if the client is working during the week Saturday is usually the time for make up counseling hours. If they fall short of their hours their passes will not be approved.

As the client continues to move up in structure the passes will increase from eight hours to ten and eventually an overnight or weekend pass.

Personally I enjoy the family groups. It's a fairly relaxed setting and the ones I've attended may be head by the counselor but participation by all is encouraged.

dlj - were you there today? If so, wish I'd known, there were three of us PTO'ers there!

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