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Originally Posted by worriedmom59 View Post
Anyone know anything about the Cheyenne Center in Houston?
Only 2 days of info so far as a family visitor.

The physical facilities seem appropriate for the clients and economy. 4 men to a room, dormatory style. Fence, locking gates. The facility appears to be decently secured from casual coming and going of non-clients. The clients are counseled about the importance of following the rules and watching out for each other as they continue to rehab.

Lifestyle seems similar to that of Safp.
Constant Group therapy, chores, drills, etc., but much more relaxed and friendly. The visitation time is much shorter and less days per week than Safp. The family therapy meetings are longer but at very inconvenient times (for my family anyway- Sat 8am to 1030am) but you do not get a regular visit directly after your group time in addition to the group time, like you do at SAFP.

Visitation is on Sunday only (as of 6/13/08). No other visit times are allowed, except for when you first get there. When you first get there you are allowed a phone call from the house phone. If your family misses this call then the client must call from the pay phone after that. Hopefully they have some quarters or can borrow one to make this call. If you call the desk they will not tell you if your family member is residing there or not, nor give them messages. They might give a message if it was an emergency like a death or regarding their children.

The family is then allowed to drop off personal items such as clothing, shoes, bedding, etc. as soon as they can, even the same day. At this time the client is allowed to come into the lobby to meet with you and visit for about 10-20 minutes in the lobby. There is no set amount of time for this. It is at the discretion of whomever is on the desk at the moment. The top 1st needs for supplies are: underwear, socks, Cargo type shorts, t-shirts, a bedpillow and pillowcases, flip flops/shower shoes, tennis shoes, a blanket or comforter, an alarm clock radio, a wristwatch, roll of quarters, cash for the vending machine and to buy toiletries.
You cannot bring them-food, gum, cigs, cd players, cd's, headphones, tv's, or any jewelry expect wedding ring and wristwatch etc.

The client will look through the things you brought him and keep what he needs and is allowed and you will take back the rest. A security person will search the property and give back anything that is not allowed so it's a good idea to wait for this service before you leave the building. If your client needs more stuff, then you can drop off at designated times at the desk ( Wednesday's only 6-8pm) but your family member cannot come out to meet you again.

After that, you must visit them in a special area at the designated time only. It's a first come first serve system for regular visits.

When they go to "Store" it's offsite at a local Grocery store so it's much cheaper to keep your loved one stocked with the basic necessities. They have a pay phone in the dorm that actually takes quarters so overall phone costs are much less than in the jail. They do their own laundry with quarters too.

They have a swimming pool and workout room there so your family member can get back in shape. My brother lost some muscle mass at Safp because they do not allow clients to workout so he was happy about this. And its hot as Hades in Houston so the pool is a welcome refreshment. So make sure to send your family member some swim trunks/board shorts and/or workout type shorts ASAP so they can take advantage of these amenities right away.

I have not had a chance to get info on what to do about day passes for offsite doctor and dentist visits if needed, medications, school if wanted, work, offsite family events, transport to and from. These things will likely be covered by my brother's counselor soon.
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