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Originally Posted by marie8899 View Post
CO died of his injuries.

I also saw this Emergency Alert re conditions at Holman Prison: https://freealabamamovement.wordpres...ess-release-2/ I don't know how accurate the article is, but it does indicate serious problems at the prison.

I hope all of your loved ones are well, in spite of the current situation.
Thank you, Marie. As far as my LO, he's OK - for now anyway. The article is accurate. H is for Holman and H is for HELL. Officers are quitting or spending minimal time in the dorms. They do count and shakedowns and, other than that, they aren't in the dorms. Prisoners are going hungry. There's a national work stoppage and Holman is a part of it. Food is becoming even more scarce. Pray for them, plse.

Dedicated to my sweet husband - ALWAYS & FOREVER!
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