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Originally Posted by Girl22472 View Post
I don't know much about your case or what the charges, or how far in the process you guys are in. Generally plea agreements are settled outside the courtroom between attorney's. If a deal is offered it probably won't be tomorrow and even if a trial date is set don't expect that to stand, let alone stand for that time. His attorney should know more about what is going on.

"Hoping for the best, expecting the worse" is a good motto but often hard to maintain.

Hope all goes well for you but don't get discouraged if nothing really happens tomorrow.

He has the pre trial conference tomorrow. Heís being charged with PWID. He has a separate case for a first offense DUI that he went to court for formal arraignment on Monday and they asked him what was going on with his PWID charge saying hopefully they could reach a deal Wednesday for it, so Iím not sure what is gonna happen. I donít have much knowledge on the court system Iím just going off of the info heís told me but I donít think he knows either
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