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Originally Posted by Pactli View Post
Does anyone know how long someone can be held in solitary confinement? Any experiences?
There is no set time limit on how long an inmate can be held in solitary.

Inmate Silverstein was held in Solitary for over 30+ years. This is an extreme case of course.

Generally though, prisons do not want to house inmates in solitary for any length of time. While housed in the SHU (special housing unit) it is better for the inmate's mental health to be housed with another individual.

This sometimes is not possible, because of certain safety factors. Inmate is a danger to others, or is viewed as a intolerable cellmate by other inmates and it leads to fights in the cell.

But speaking from experience, I have not seen an inmate locked up in SHU (with a cellmate) for longer than a year. Usually its a max of 3-4 months.
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