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Default Currently Still Studying

I do have a General Studies Associates Degree, but I have been in school, with a couple of year long breaks due to my father's death and some serious health issues with my daughter, since 2012. I have changed my major from doing all classes for my Bachelor's of Science in Nursing to English with a Psychology minor after my father passed away because I just couldn't see myself as a nurse any longer. TBH, I only went for the nursing in the first place because it had always been my mother's dream to do so & she was scared to go alone and I just wasn't yet sure what I wanted to study, so I decided to go with her to support her dream; however, once my father passed away, she decided to drop out.

I am now just about 6 courses away from receiving my BS in English, Psychology minor & I am considering applying to law school and/or pursuing a Master's in Psychology as well. I am also simultaneously working on getting classes done to have my Associates of Science in Paralegal Studies.

It feels I might never graduate at this point though, LOL!

Good luck to all!
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