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IF you are interested in joining the Siggy Artist Team please review the guidelines below and PM Flamered that you agree to them.

Forum Rules/Guidelines for Siggy Artists:

1. All requests must be made in the open forum. If someone PMs you please reply and ask them to post in the forum. Please don’t do it “just this time” for anyone as well…once you start then it can only lead to issues. If you are going to be a PTO siggy artist please ask your friends to post in your thread as well!

2. Do not go into another siggy makers thread and snag one of their “customers.”

3. When you see a separate request/thread (for now lets call them unassigned requests) by a member asking for a siggy or for siggy help and you are willing to take that request on, just post in the thread that you will work on it. Either tell them that you will post the results in their thread or in your stickied thread (be sure to give them the link).

4. Please don’t take a bunch of unassigned requests. Take on 1-2 and when you get those done along with the ones from your stickied thread then come back and help other who have not been addressed yet. Please be sure to work from the bottom up so the oldest request gets helped first. Be sure to post in the requesters thread that you are doing it for them so the other makers will know you are on it! Try to give your “customers” a time frame so they know when to expect their siggy.

5. Although you are all volunteers, please familiarize yourself with the PTO Rules/Policies, especially those that are siggy related. As PTO siggy artists people will be looking up to you!

6. Please make sure all siggies that you make are within policy.

7. When someone asks how to post their siggy please send them to the Instruction Thread(s).

8. If you are going on vacation, extended leave or taking a break from your siggy making, please finish the requests you already have, post in the thread that you are taking a break and notify me so I can close the thread. I’ll reopen it when you are ready.

9. If a member is being rude, unreasonable or you see that they are going from artist to artist to get what they want, please notify me ASAP.

10. If you have an issue with another siggy artist, please take that issue to them via private message and/or PM me. ALL issues must be resolved outside of the open forum.

If you are not interested in being a PTO Siggy Artist. If that is your choice that’s fine, but please refrain from picking up requests via private messaging, etc. I can’t tell you that you cannot make siggys for yourself and friends, but contacting anyone privately telling them “I can make siggys for you is a violation of the Inviting Outside Contact policy. I’d rather we all work together in the open forums!

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