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It's kind of strange but I do not feel nervous. I think I'm more concern about doing every thing I need to do before leaving...such as giving some one the power of attorney over my affairs...updating my will...and getting my tax information together for the end of the year. I've been putting together a list of address and phone numbers of people that I will want to keep in contact while I'm in prison and plan on mailing them to myself this week. I've got a box of paper back books that I will have sent to me...a little at a time. And have found 3 magazines that I will subscribe to.

I've had 9 months since I plead guilty to work this through my brian and to look at all the angles. I've had a lot of help from people who have been through what I'm about to go through...and ones who have love ones currently in prison. Over all from what I have read about Waseca it doesn't sound to bad. I think your could be worse.

Even though there is two Federal prisons closer to where I live than Waseca...I now feel that I'm lucky to at least be in the same state. I feel sorry for the ones that have to drive from two states away just to spend a little time with their love ones.
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