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Our situation is rather different. We were married and divorced before he went to prison. We were "dating" sort of, more like hanging out, not real dates before he went in. His sentence is 32 years. According to the VA DOC website, he is scheduled to be released in 2040.

I said "YES" when he said we should get married again. We are not a young couple, so we don't know if we'll still be alive in 21 more years. I don't have anyone knocking my door down wanting to date me, so why not? We were married at Wallens Ridge State Prison in Big Stone Gap, VA on 9/18/18. We both love our wedding date!

Getting married didn't change much, but I do worry about when he gets out, if we're still both alive. He's 55 and I'm 67, so add 21 to those numbers, and you'll see why I don't believe we'll make it to living together again, even though we're both in good health.

I've hung with him for nearly 7 years now. I don't see any reason for that to change.
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