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Default Parole hearing -what can I expect?

FINALLY his name is on the SCDPPP website for a hearing in March!! He has been eligible since November and I have checked that site constantly waiting to see his name on it. . . and today, there it was right in front of me.

Anyone that has been through a parole hearing in SC can you shed some light on what it will be like. Where they are held? Can the inmate be in the 'waiting room' with family/friends until his turn comes up? How quickly is a decision made? Anything else that might be helpful or of interest to know?? I pretty much know nothing, so anything beats that.
If the date of the hearing is changed for any reason how much prior notice will he be given? His parents are planning the trip from NC and I am a good 3-4 hr trip and I have to cover my kids for that day. I would be devastated to make the trip there only to find out upon arrival that it's been delayed/canceled. Does that happen often? I hope not.

Thanks in advance.
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