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Yea it stinks to high heaven. I never tasted it, but from the look on guys faces as they drank it, it tasted as bad as it smelled. The bad it ferments in has to be burped occasionally to keep the gas from poping the bag, & when they do that you can smell it all over the place. We use bags of water for exercising (3 gals = 25lbs), so we disguised the pruno as an exercise water bag. When there was a shake down they would throw the bag out thinking it was a regular water bag. The cell block porter (The prisoner who works in the cell block taking messages from thr guards to the cells, & cleaning up etc.) would collect all the water bags the CO's would confiscate (30-40 in a 50 cell block), & take them down to the shower & dump them. You could always tell when he opened a bag of pruno because the smell would drift through the whole cell block. It has a very distinctive odor. I didn't like it when they broke out a batch, because it causes prisoners to do stupid stuff. We knew a shake down would be comming. Someone always got busted. Guys would be falling down, &/or puking, & when they got busted they always said the same thing, "someone ratted us off," LOL.
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