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Originally Posted by Aphra View Post
How did your abuser's family respond or not respond during or after your individual and overall abusive situation(s)? How about your own family? How do you feel in regard to any of those people now from your current state of perception on things? Are there feelings of betrayal or maybe do you feel understanding of their not wanting to get involved (if they didn't)? Are you grateful to any of them for anything they did or didn't do in relation to the abuse? Do you think any of them deserve to be assessed any degree of blame? If your abuser was a person in your family such as a parent or sibling, does that change anything in regard to the question?

I blame my father for starting my Cycle of Abuse. He was an educator and knew better. My mother did her best, at her own risk, to protect me. Nothing changes in regards to the question.

I have a lot of thoughts and feelings about the subject for myself, some of them conflicting. I bet a lot of the family members and unrelated onlookers have conflicting emotions, too. I'll be really interested to read what any of you have to say about it, coming from your own perspective. TIA for sharing, if you can spare the time!
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