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Originally Posted by MrsPw View Post
This whole thing has me sick as hell. Do any of us know the name of the inmate that was stabbed? Or what state they where from? Thank you Miss Lita, Miss Leslie and your man K, and Miss Anchored. You all have been so informative. Lee has rarely given any helpful information and right now I donít even wanna call asking any kind of questions. I donít condone the kind of lifestyle our men live but I also canít judge them for it either. Im just so damn happy no ones life was taken. I donít know about you all but being a prison wife is one hard thing to do but Iím so damn proud to stand by my hubby. If anyone get more info on this please share, i concerned for my husband and Iím assuming they arenít going to be texting us or calling us anytime soon.
Youíre welcome.K is going to try and find out.
They go up in shifts ( every other day) ...he will go up again tomorrow.
We kinda get stuff piece by piece and I know itís frustrating...this whole prison thing is frustrating. All of us are fighting a battle that most people donít understand..Thank God we have each other. ❤️
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