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Default Federal halfway house???

I am SS at the end of Jan or early Feb to federal prison, have not been designated to a facility yet. I was sentenced to 12 months and a day. The marshalls told me that if I keep my head straight and do the programs I need to do, or that they suggest (not RDAP fyi) I could do less than half of that. I am curious, on a white collar crime, non violent offender, no issues, and if I don't get into any trouble, how much time am I looking at potentially in a haflway house? I have 3 kids, who will have to stay with relatives (their dad is in prison for this charge and several drug charges until spring of 2021). I will not have a home to come back to, but will be paying up a year on my car so I have a vehicle to drive when I get back to prevent issues with employment, and getting from a to b. I have heard the last 90 days of my sentence could be halfway, and even up to 6 months? I just want to provide a home for my family to get back to normal asap. been fighting this for so long, just ready to get it over with. Not sure if anyone knows, but I also have a halfway house that is roughly an hour from home, that always has female beds open due to the area. Will that help? And any suggestions on how to get to the halfway, or out quicker to get a job and provide would be great!

Thanks in advance!
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