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Unhappy No Contact but I need to let him know his kids' Phone Numbers!

Hi Everyone,

Well, this really sucks... He's been in Corrigan about 6 days now. Arrested New Year's Eve. Disorderly... I have no money to bail him out and if I did, I have no money for yet another attorney fee. Besides that, there is a No Contact/Residential Stay Away in place. I know he's worrying about his kids and is probably pissed off at me, but I think that where he is right now is the best place for him. He would have to live in his car. He hasn't been working, so he didn't lose his job, but one of his kids is only 16. I'm not his legal guardian. I suspect DCF is going to be knocking on my door any day now. Then he'll be REALLY mad because they'll have to place the son with relatives in another state.

ANYWAY, I wrote to him as if I was his daughter so I could give him his kids' phone numbers and to let him know that everyone is okay. I wrote as though I were an older teenager/young adult, trying to use slang and not so great grammar. I DID mention ME in the letter saying that "H" is a wreck.

Knowing that the mail is read, mentions me, and it came from my address with his daughter's name, will they still give it to him?

I put money in his commissary and set up a phone account for him. No mail yet from him. Last time he was in for a couple of days, we got a letter pretty quickly.

Thanks Ladies,
Desperately sad, lonely and afraid of the unknown...

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