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Post West Georgia Probation Boot Camp

I have some current info re West GA PBC:

Rules Concerning Mail

Correspondence only.
® No photographs.
® No greeting cards. Senders have been hiding contraband under the tissue in fancy greeting cards; now all are banned whether or not they include tissue.
® No postal supplies; e.g., unused stamps, envelopes, blank paper.
® No offensive material.

Excerpt of a letter from my son

February 25, 2007

At 0425 everyone in the dorm is awakened and counted. Whenever a count happens, we stand by our bunk beds at attention. When we are allowed to carry on, we get dressed, make our beds, and shave. When we finish, we are allowed to sit down in the dayroom, which is four benches and five walls forming a triangle with two corners cut off. There is bench space for about 40 of the 48 people in the dorm. At 0500 there is another count, also at 0600, 0800, 1000, 1230, 1400, 1600, 1830, 2000, 2100, and we try to be asleep for any others. I try to sleep between the 0500 and 0600 counts.

Two of the four dorms usually eat before 0600; which ones depends on the whims of the officers. All the food here is of fairly good quality, though in short supply. Some time around 0600 (we don’t have a clock anymore) I get called out to my detail. As an administrative orderly, I don’t do much in the way of hard labor, but I’m beginning to think I would prefer it to having to play servant to so many masters. I’m never allowed to talk with the other guy on the detail, or even look like I’m not busy. So, no hard labor, but by far the most stressful.

I work until noon, at which point I return for lunch, and often sit in the dorm a while before we get called back out. I would list my daily tasks, but ennui is the second worst part of my job. Mostly I just buff floors and clean every surface in the administration wing of the building. All day.

Sometime between 1500 and 1630 we go back for dinner, after which we line up as if being counted until the showers are unlocked. Forty-eighty of us have about an hour to use 8 showerheads (plenty of time). We then clean the showers and return to the day room. We will usually sit for a while, and the rest of our evening will be determined by our collective behavior. If we do what we’re supposed to, we’ll get reading and writing time until bed, which is usually around 2130. If we don’t, we won’t get reading and writing time, or we get PT’d. We might also be kept up until 2200.

Other than that, there is no real routine here. No specific time to go outside, or anything like that. Store call isn’t even always on the same day. We can’t get any food from the store to supplement our meager diets. I’m wasting away, by the way. Along with insufficient nutrition, the only PT [physical training] we do is corrective PT which is meant to hurt rather than build strength. An example is the “smurf jack” in which you squat all the way with your bum on your heels, and do jumping jacks like that. The inside of your knee will probably be hurting by #5, but nothing is really getting exercised. If we get caught exercising on our own, we face several hours of corrective PT. If you get caught exercising before bed they’ll keep you up all night.

Weekends we spend 3—4 hours cleaning the dorm, then shine boots and if we behave, we’ll get reading and writing time. There’s no lunch on weekends, unless you work outside the dorm from 0630 to 1200, which I’ve managed to do every other Saturday sweeping during the hair-clippings. (They keep it between bald and buzzed.)

Overall, this place is pretty sorry for a boot camp. Little discipline, all but a few guards set bad examples, and we aren’t even getting in better physical shape.

p.s. – Something I just learned: from now on we’ll be getting up at 0330 every few days for PT.
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