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Default Hubby saved two lives. Is this good or bad?

I talk to my hubby every day and in the last week he has saved two guys lives. I was just wondering if you think that this is a good thing or a bad thing. I have heard both sides and would like to know how some of you felt. The first one the guy was in the cell and started to beat his head against the wall really hard trying to kill hisself, and my hubby stopped him and talked to him to get him calmed down(which he did), and today I was talking to him and he said hold on and he dropped the phone and I heard a lot of commotion and him is hollaring. A guard gets on the phone and tells me that they had a situation and he would call me back. About 1 1/2 hours later he calls back and tells me that a guy just tried to hang hisself and he ran to stop him and did infact save him. Some people think that this was bad that he helped those two out and others say it was okay. One inmate told him that if he was hanging he did not want anyone to help him. I want some input on what you guys think? Or have any of you ever had someone on the inside do this or expierence anything like this? I told him that I felt that he did right, but I am not in there so I do not know anything about those situations.
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