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We are going thru the ACP program. There is not much difference in them, only difference is ACP comes home on ankle. MCRP goes to a men's home. No milestone credits there, that is only for incarceration. Blackout periods depend on the facility, and that leads to cell phones possibly having to wait the blackout period also.

We have heard from the parole office in Sacramento regarding his ACP. When I spoke to the parole officer I did inquire on this program as well. My landlord is not ok and will not approve felon being here, so the MCRP was the other option. The parole officer was really nice on explaining how it works.

Also, with the ACP and MCRP program, they do not have to parole back to their committing counties. Under this program they can go to any county.

Originally Posted by jazzeyy View Post
does anyone know anything about MCRP programs? specifically in LA.
do they still get milestone credits there? do they come home for the weekend?
how do they get jobs? do they get cellphones? blackout periods? ETC.
what is the process.
wondering if its worth it or to just wait it out in prison.
doesn't look like anyone knows much about it.
if you have any info i'd appreciate it!
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