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Originally Posted by onedayatatime13 View Post
My guy put in a medical stay at county so he could be close for my birthday. Guess what he was moved anyway. He was freaked out and wanted to be close so we could spend time together. Didn't work how he planned.

He was moved and I was able to spend 6 hrs with him the weekend before and it was amazing. Sometimes we want sonething, but the outcome is much better! I remind him of that all the time.

Now he is afraid to be moved because it could be 8 hrs away. I told him I thought about it and asked God, the universe, etc to place him where he will get him a program faster because he would be home faster. Extra months of visits because he is close or home 10 months earlier because the program required is done. This makes home eligible sooner for other programs.

Big picture is the best way to approach this. What are you learning, what is he learning, and what will bring you guys the most ease and grace. You got this!
Ugh that does suck but you're right and I can't thank you enough for your advice! I truly appreciate it more than you know. Thank you!
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