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Originally Posted by torieoo View Post
Thank you! You're right. I get so consumed with "oh my god another week thats so long" instead of just not thinking about it. I hope this does help him learn something and stop him from going back because I dont want to go through this anymore and he says he doesn't either so we will see. I have school work I need to throw myself into and I actually have an exam the Tuesday he could possibly get out, so in a way it was a blessing he didnt get out this weekend because I missed an entire chapter and wouldn't have gotten any studying done. I mean dont get me wrong I'd have loved for him to be home right now but like you said everything happens for a reason
Maybe he had a lingering feeling of yeah this was easy and quick, then got slapped in the face. This may have reminded him this life he has no control over and if he doesn't like he needs to change.

I don't blame you getting stuck. We all do! We want what we want and we want it now. Unfortunately, it never works that way.

Sometimes when we step away from the emotions of the situation and look at the big picture it helps a lot. 7 more days verses years free is nothing.

Study and finish what you started. This way you celebrate you score and his coming home.
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