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Originally Posted by torieoo View Post
So my boyfriend just called me since I hadn't heard from him in a few days and he was supposed to get out on the 29th but since they screwed up his home plan paperwork he didnt. Anyway, during our phone call he said that they're gonna try to get him on the list to see the judge this Tuesday, the 3rd (so he'd get out that day too) but he won't know until that day, otherwise he has to wait another week! I dont normally ask this but if you ladies could send some prayers or positive vibes my way i would so appreciate it. I'm praying SO HARD that he gets out this Tuesday. I've been super emotional this weekend over it and I'm ready for this to be over
Sending positive thoughts and vibes your way. Maybe this was needed to show him something he still needed to learn and will help him on the long run. Sometimes things happen and the reasons don't make sense until much later.

Breathe and knowhow will be home soon. Let go of dates and times. Keep busy and trust what is supposed to be is going on. I know it is difficult, but maybe this will stop him from ever going back.
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