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Default Fall/Winter Joys, Concerns and Prayer Circle 2018-19

As I searched for an autumn image to open this thread, I came across everything leafy and orangey and yes, pumpkin spice-y. I also stumbled on more than a few “KEEP CALM” images alerting us that it’s going to be OK (fall, fireplaces and boot season) is coming!

Confession: I’m not a fan of pumpkin spice lattés or the overuse of the World War II ‘keep calm’ poster. Not going to hate on either one, but a little less of both would be all right with me. You might ask, then, why I went out of my way to design and use this graphic. I did it because it’s not going to hurt me to give a nod to things that make other people feel warm and full in a season of chill and harvest.

I am guilty of making opinions into rules and my speech into weaponry and that, more often than not, leaves me feeling empty when what I really desire is to feel full. Many of us have experienced that want, a hunger at the soul level.

No, a fancy cup of pumpkin spice won’t quell this pang, but it seems imperative that we acknowledge in this climate of change, that what satisfies one person and doesn’t take from another should not only be tolerated, but celebrated. Lift up our differences and in those acts of unification, maybe we’ll find something greater than tolerance—we can find an understanding of true sustenance and finally be full.

We are hungry for something
that feeds more than bodies

We are hungry for help
Help us oh you who apportion the funds
Find in your hearts the child who you were
who would share with a friend
free and friendly
Lead us not into meanness

For we are the hungry
We want the loaves
and the fishes
the water
and the wine
of sweet justice for all

excerpt from A Prayer Addressing All Hungers by D. Smith

As a reminder:
If you need a prayer/good thought/healing energy (whatever term your faith or tradition embraces), it is welcome here.

If you have a joy that you want to share, here's the spot.

This is for all denominations and traditions.
There will be no debating of whose truth is "right".
This won't be a good place for asking questions about the details of another's religious/spiritual practices, just a safe space for dropping your cares and counting your blessings.
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