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Unlike a lot of you I didn't know my love growing up. didn't know he existed until we met up almost 5 years ago. He is the sweetest Man I've ever known. He sees things differently than most of us do and has a deep appreciation for those loyal to him. He is a man who has everything from looks, to a hot body, to a great personality, and the biggest heart around. He could pretty much have any woman he saw. Supermodel status women included. But this man does not put physical looks of a woman at the top of the list as what he looks for in a partner. He knows how to appreciate a woman and knows how one should be treated. He is a man who loves from the heart, treats me as if everyone and everything is beneath me. And although I tell him countless times that I'm just a woman, he doesn't see me that way. He has certain behaviors that I believe would not be present if he were not in prison. He is a man who believes that the Lord is one who can and will bring him home. He is a man who only wants a simple life that he can live with the woman he loves. Not materialistic, not money hungry, would give up the last of what he hadin order to help anyone less fortunate and don't ever expect anything in return. He is a man who was taught how to behave and how to treasure and cherish every moment with his loved ones because Tomorrow isn't promised to any of us. He knows not to take anything or anyone for granted and doesn't take advantage of anyone. He is just a normal guy who wants to have what every other normal guy has. Freedom, happiness, a woman to love that will love only him and be loyal to only him. He is the perfect guy. The guy who I truly believe was brought to me by GOD. My faith and my trust in my love for him and his for me. That's what holds me to him.
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