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Originally Posted by StormChild View Post
I love his eyes, and how they let me know exactly what he's feeling no matter what his face is saying. When I think about our wedding day all I can visualise are his beautiful brown eyes looking into mine -- it made no difference that we were in a visiting room or that we weren't allowed to come up with our own vows; everything he was promising me was right there in his eyes.

I love the way he decides what needs to be done and just does it. He doesn't wait for somebody to see that he's doing the right thing and always seems surprised when I let him know that I've noticed. He has his own inner barometer for measuring the man he wants to be in the world, and he works as hard as he can not to allow prison to compromise that. He does it for himself, and for me and the kids, and genuinely doesn't expect any recognition from anybody.

But best of all I love who we are together. Our relationship is a lot more than the sum of each of us alone -- we make each other stronger and brighter and better. He's proven to me that when the worst happens he'll put his own feelings aside to help me through it, and when he's the one who needs help he isn't too proud to lean on me and share the burden. Where one of us is strong the other is weak and vice versa -- we balance each other perfectly. To put it simply, we just fit.

Excellent idea for a thread, Ann.
Beautifully written StormChild! Thank you so much for this!
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