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Default When to ask

My comment of which date to ask if they are an ex-felon - when I wrote it, I meant it to sound comical, not serious. But the responses made me actually think about it.

People talk to me. Drawing people out and learning about their past, seems to be a natural conversation with me. I suspect it's a result of my family law paralegal experience for 30 years (or it already existed and that made me really good at my job?). Getting people to open up has never been a problem. (Getting them to stop when I am bored and not interested has been a problem - I seriously wanted to kick a guy out of my car one time.) Anyway, it's not something I am really worried about.

If I do think someone is not being honest with me, I probably wouldn't keep dating them, so it wouldn't matter. Of course, in this day and age, internet access and we can find out most anything about people's past.
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