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Yes, since the only business you will be able to conduct yourself will be through the mail, so a financial POA can be important. My advice is have a lawyer prepare it rather than using a $1.00 form from Office Depot.

HIPAA forms and medical treatment options, especially dealing with resuscitation limits, etc. may be important (hopefully not), but know that the bop may have their own forms/requirements, and will probably ignore your outside forms. Example, you will designate an emergency contact for the bop, but the only time they will exercise it is if you die, since ICU hospitalization isn't an emergency for the bop (covid either) but rather they consider it to be an escape risk.

Renew any current licenses that you can before you SS. If your driver's license, etc. expires, it could be much more difficult to renew because of the "real identity" laws.

bop dental care is abysmal, so deal with any issues now. You are your best, and probably only advocate for health care issues, so don't give up easily if you have trouble receiving assistance.
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