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Originally Posted by sm.boewer View Post
Thanks for the response, I found it in a round about way because once I send off my posts I can never find them again for some reason. I am at least glad other people can find my posts and are responding with supportive feedback. I'm glad you and your boyfriend have a special way to write to each other and say you love each other. I definitely write it in many ways when I write, and I am very openly affectionate and loving, and my hope is that he returns the sentiment after reading that I miss hearing it. I'll keep updates coming on this thread as I learn more from him, and any input with words of encouragment will be greatly appreciated. Thanks so much
There is a lot of country songs we had for each other more from him to me. My fiance has had two marriages and both weren't good. His first wife he has two kids one is 18 and the other is 17. The 18 year old has respect problems and has disowned his father because his father and grandma had rules for her house that he didn't like. The 17 year old lives with her mom out of state. The second marriage she just wanted the money he brought home every week. The song good girl he says is his song to me I changed everything with him. It also helps because we work construction sometimes together and we love the same things. I hear those songs we have and I cry. It's not easy to be away from him like this it's very hard. I had to go get help from my doctor I don't like taking pills. When he gets home I'm done taking them. Send me a message if you want to talk privately
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