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Originally Posted by yourself View Post
yeah, you're not going to find much purchase with that argument. Sometimes it's easier just to send them back to prison on the PV than to go forward with a criminal charge.

If they don't charge the DV, there still may be an order of protection keeping you apart as well as the PO's rule. It's pretty standard in DV cases to get a protective order immediately, even if the charges are eventually dropped. Assuming that there's a protective order in place, the PO won't allow you to get together for the reason that getting togetehr would violate Court Order, substantively interfering with his ability to successfully complete parole.

You need to keep your eye on that one as well - if there's a protective order, each and every contact you two have is a violation of court order, and will be used against him in the revocation.
I have a question for you. Since you're an attorney I thought maybe you could give me some insight. The incident happened back in february. The police report was February 6th. my bf has been in jail since last week monday. This case between us is still under review. They hvent decided if they will charge it. Do you know how long it normally takes for a case to be under review and why it is taking so long?
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