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After 6 years I still cry through every visit. At first, it was the WHOLE duration of the visit - the tears just streamed quietly down my face, and it would make him to sad. He would be depressed for days and I ruined his holidays even more, if thats possible, so i stopped going for a while thinking i was doing more haarm than good. Now i just cry when its time to say good bye...they are quiet tears but since im always alone on the 5 hour drive back, sometimes i just scream and wail and get angry.
The day he was taken away in handcuffs and shackles, a peice of my heart stopped beating forever - its empty and hurts every second of every day.
I hope when he comes home that my heart can heal, if just a little.
I miss him horribly every single day and it really hasnt gotten much easier for me. Even now, he should be home in 7 days, I wake up crying because I miss him soo much, and miss 'what could have been'.
Done ranting now..sorry...its gonna be a difficult day at best
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