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...If you meant me , I did not donate anything to that guy , I did not mean to say that , perhaps I did not make myself clear enough .
I just meant that I saw him in the same type of p.s....Made in China (Who by ?????)!

Originally Posted by babygirl350 View Post
So if I understand this correctly, hypothetically you came out of prison with some underclothes. Not quite sure the motivation was to do that, if you didn't have any. Anyway, if you are in need of any clothes, you can always go to the thrift stores and quite possibly get them for free. If not they offer clothes at a really cheap price like 1.00 for a nice shirt and the same for pants for jeans. There are also many charities around where you can get for free as well as churches.

That was nice of you to share with the homeless. Even flipflops are better than nothing.
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